Over 30 armed Palestinians go on a rampage across Tel Aviv

Sam Bahour
6 min readSep 2, 2022

Foreign media refuses to report the story.

By Sam Bahour

Tel Aviv at night (Credit: Krokodil Gena)

Around 4 AM last night, six armored Palestinian jeeps entered Tel Aviv’s northern neighborhoods, breaking the pre-dawn calm and causing havoc across the city. Finally, the jeeps converged on a 2-story home. Over 30 masked Palestinian soldiers surrounded the residence. Using a loudspeaker, a soldier demanded in fluent Hebrew that Shlomo Herzl exit his home. When nothing happened, a handful of soldiers broke down the front door. Shots rang out. Eyewitnesses in the house said later that Shlomo was shot point blank and killed in cold blood as he lay in bed.

Magen David Adom paramedics rushed to the scene but were held back at gunpoint until the masked Palestinian soldiers were able to confirm the kill by sending into the bedroom a K-9 police dog equipped with a camera. After 45 minutes, paramedics were permitted to enter the home, but the deceased was gone. Later, it was learned that the Palestinians had already confiscated the body and placed it in one of their jeeps.

Palestinian sources said that after over six months of meticulous intelligence gathering, monitoring Tel Aviv’s phone network and email traffic, and in close cooperation with Facebook, the 8200 Unit of the Palestinian Intelligence Corps identified IDF soldier Shlomo Herzl, who was in Jenin Refugee Camp on May 11, 2022, as the person who pulled the trigger which instantly killed veteran Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. “Justice,” said the unidentified Palestinian source, “has been served”.

A house no more

The Palestinian jeeps left the scene and drove directly to another house on the outskirts of Tel Aviv’s commercial area. There, they surrounded another home, this one a historic one-story building with the inscription “God Bless Our Home” engraved in Arabic above the front door. A tall, broad-shouldered Palestinian soldier knocked on the front door and presented the Israeli owner who opened it with a written house demolition order. When the owner started shouting, demanding to know why his home had been targeted with a demolition order, the soldier explained: Apparently, the homeowner had a cousin who was also the IDF commander who ordered Israeli snipers to open…