Jews of the world, disunite…in Israel!

Stop loving Israel to death.

Sam Bahour
10 min readDec 30, 2020


Image by TC Perch from Pixabay

If you are Jewish and living outside of Israel, what are you waiting for? Israel awaits you. What’s taking you so long? Uncle Bibi wants YOU!

As a Palestinian living in Palestine, I anxiously await your arrival. I have spoken directly to thousands of you over decades about Israel and its actions. Most recently, I had a conversation with over 100 of you on Zoom. The conversation and audience questions were all too familiar, like the hundreds of past encounters — cordial, frank, and informative to us both. However, this last one ended on a note that stuck with me for days. The interviewer, a well-established and respected Jewish thought leader in the U.S. closed the session with a message of hope that Israeli scientists would clone me. Although flattered, I got off the call and thought: Why clone me? I’m just communicating what my community has been saying for decades. There are already plenty of Palestinians saying the exact same thing.

Upon reflection, I thought maybe I came across as too liberal, too Ohioan, and too accommodating. That is, not as angry as I really am. Thus, I ask you to indulge me in a rare rant. As Jewish friends, cousins even, I need you to read this, from me directly. I will not be long and promise to come back to my normal self before it ends. So, here we go.


Your “light unto the nations” shpiel uprooted an entire indigenous people. You then claimed Israel is reserved for Jews forever. However, your subsequent actions contradict that. Every day that you delay your arrival here, a benighted Palestinian refugee thinks he might return. You simply cannot let that happen; God forbid. Israel did not win successive wars and undertake major military onslaughts to remain at risk forever. No, you must join in protecting the only (well, maybe second) place in the world that is yours. Israel must hold back Palestinian refugees at all costs. So, make sure your place in the sun is protected. You can only do that by filling the Levant with fellow Jews. Yet you remain absent. Why? C’mon. Get with the program. Israel needs you now more than ever!

Join fellow Jews in Israel. It’s easy. After displacing two-thirds of the original population, Israel passed the Law of